This page provides access to downloadable documents. It includes summaries and reports on projects I have undertaken, where the client has given permission for me to make their copyright freely available. Not everything I have done will be available here, but I hope gradually to expand the library of downloadable documents.

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Creative Industries in Gloucestershire 2005

The study established the scale, character and potential of the creative industries sector in the county, and produced a development strategy. The study included 1000 telephone interviews and 14 face-to-face case studies, together with analysis of official statistics, which for the first time drew a comprehensive and authoritative picture of the county’s creative sector.

Summary report (.pdf 704kb) download here
Full report (.pdf 3,504kb) download here

Economic and Social Impact of the Subsidised Arts in Gloucestershire 2005

The study evaluated the economic and social impact of the subsidised arts in the county through an extensive co-ordinated series of audience and participant surveys, the county’s citizens’ panel and data from 25 subsidised arts organisations. The study found a wide range of social benefits ranging from jobs and volunteering to individual personal growth and skills development. The modest local authority subsidy to the arts yields a thirty-fold return in the local economy.

Summary report (.pdf 191kb) download here

Creative Industries in Leicester, Leicestershire and Welland 2004

The study examined the creative industries sector in the sub-regional area and provided an extensive source of data profiling the industry in detail to the commissioning partnership of Business Link, SSPs and local authorities. The results informed development strategy and paved the way for Creative LeicesterShire, the count’y creative industries development agency.

Summary report (.pdf 3,476kb) download here

Evaluation report PROJECT- engaging artists in the built environment

The PROJECT scheme was set up to examine the impact of involving artists not as artisans to produce artworks for building projects, but as creative thinkers embedded into development teams from the planning stage. The evaluation found that there was a marked impact on the mindset and working practice of the various professions involved, architects, planners, developers, as well as the artists themselves.

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